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wonderin' if we're hiring?

here's our deal...

every stylists makes their own schedules and do what they do best. no pressure to perform services that aren't your thing or to work on clients you don't click with. set your own pricing. no dress code ( because well, thats weird ), decent music, extremely organized / weekly orders of all color products and retail. we also provide full front desk service that handles all calls, bookings & inquiries, cleaning throughout the day and product orders. we also have online booking for your clients convenience. always well kept, often redecorated because why not ? 

good commission splits and commission on retail sold.

if you're chill and need a easy cool place to work shoot us your resume. we're a 10 chair salon with openings always available for the right person.

sorry, not looking for any assistants rn or stylists just kicking off your career. we're a well established shop with an experienced team and would love to work with seasoned professionals.


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